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W.O.W.       Women Of Word

M.O.V. E.        Men  Of  Valor Extreme     Judges 6:12

Our Men's Ministry s dedicated to the the memory of James Russell Chastang, who is our Pastor's Late Uncle. He was a loyal and dedicated member of Agape Ministries. Pastor credits his Uncle for showing him how to be a man and keeping him on the right track in his younger years. The goal of M.O.V.E. is to steer young men in the right direction and to teach them how to live by the word of God.
Our Men's Ministry will meet the 1st Tuesday of each month. Men need strength that comes from God alone. 
 Harvesting For Him (H4H) Youth Ministry 

Hand Picked By God                                                    1st We are Servants                                                                                                                        2nd We all have different roles
​                                                                                         and responsibilities in God's 
                                                                                         3rd God causes the growth
​                                                                                     4th we are ALL ONE in                                                                                        God's program
                                                                                         Finally WE WORK FOR GOD

                                                                                                                  LUKE 10:2

 THE HARVEST                                                                         The harvest is Plentiful,                                                                                                             but the workers are few
 Ages    6yrs-12 yrs

The youth are being taught of the Lord and built up to become the Living Stones of the Spiritual house of the Lord who offers Spiritual sacrifices....sacrifices of praise, joy and thanksgiving....

Prepare the Soil.
First, we can and must pray
we must have a presence.
Sow the Seed.
Cultivate the Soil.
Reap the Harvest.

Judge each day not by the harvest you reap but the seeds you plant
Noah's Ark   Ages 2yrs-5yrs

iTeen provides an opportunity for our young people to get together and discuss issues affecting their age group.
KBS Greeters Ministry
                    Joyce             Mable               Tracy           Bro. Fred             
                                   ToMicheal         Kailyn(KK)        Taylor

Director: Tracy Jenkins
Director: Sis.Tracy Jenkins
 Instructors:Sis.Allison Anderson
                     Sis.Ladedra Chastang
                     Sis Erin Seals
Was developed after some of our members were in a horrific car accident one of them was in ICU for a lengthy stay. Visiting the ICU day in and day out, Min. Rita noticed that there was a need for Jesus to fill the lives of those during that critical time.
The purpose of this ministry is to provide prayer, support, and food to the family members in the ICU waiting room. 
Director: Sis Brenda Nettles
Sunrays: Min Cynthia Rodgers
ICU Ministry